January 19, 2009

Crib Talk

Baby A. is now four months old, and he loves to talk to himself in the mirror. Any mirror. Recently, I found him chatting to his monkey mirror in his crib following a nap. The video is a little dark, but I couldn't very well turn on the overhead light or open the blinds because he would have stopped talking and you would have missed out on the fun. Enjoy!

January 6, 2009

Crop Circle

Happy New Year from our home to yours! We're so happy for the family and friends we were able to visit with this holiday season, and we send lots of love to those around the world that we'll see soon.

Alex is almost 4 months old and fascinating us with his physical and emotional growth.

For your viewing pleasure (and our amusement), take a look at the crop circle he's created on the back of his head. He moves himself down along his crib mattress...apparently by the skin on his heady head head. The three little pigs have nothing on this little boy. We're looking into baby Rogaine.

He's a fairly happy baby...except when he's not. He loves to smile and show off his dimples.

Alex enjoys practicing with his new voice, bath time with daddy, smiling at mommy's funny faces and making dirty diapers to share with everyone.