June 13, 2009

Baby MAC is 9 months old!

Wow, how time flies! Our baby boy is already 9 months old.

June 8, 2009

Swing Time

Here's Baby MAC on his first swing at the local park. He laughed and smiled while swinging back and forth.

He was such a good sport while Mommy exploited his handsome good looks and big blue eyes, all the while, clinging to the filthy public swing.
(Note to Mommy: pack hand wipes next time.)

June 7, 2009

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Thanks to the kind folks at JJ Cole Collections, I have a NEW diaper bag. Actually, I first need to thank my sis-in-law Glo for giving the graphite/green System Bag to me. But the last time I thanked her she said, "Don't thank me. You picked it out." So, I thanked her again.

Unfortunately, my first diaper bag started coming apart after less than eight months of use.

I decided to email JJ Cole and ask for help. The customer service manager soon followed up with a phone call, and based on a super-secret number in a special hiding place (okay, not that super-secret or special) I qualified for a Brand New Bag!

Check it out...all shiny and new, still wrapped in plastic with tags attached. Okay, time to do the ol' switcheroo. Have to send the old bag back to the company before it turns into a pumpkin.

June 3, 2009

Makeover Magic

Oh, how this room bores me...

But now, I find it very exciting!

I love it! It's beautiful! I'm no longer embarrassed by this room in my home.

And, see that talented man sitting in the chair...that's Jeffrey Evans of Jeffrey Evans Design. He's a wonderful friend and a great designer.

While A. was out of town recently, Jeffrey and I plotted and designed a plan for this sad little space. Okay, truth be told...I didn't design a darn thing. This is the first room you see when you enter our home. The goal was to make it livable and useful. A. can now meet clients here.

Most everything in this room was already in our home. We...uh...I mean Mr. Jeffrey Evans relocated some furniture, hung artwork and pulled all the pieces together. He really worked with me and found some fabulous items at Target. See the chocolate rug on the floor? Target. And the yummy red curtain panels? Target. Plus, the two red throw pillows and the aluminum starburst mirror also came from Target. The only other item purchased (unfortunately, it's on the other end of the couch so you can't see it in this shot) was a large pottery piece to hold tripods and stuff and some whatnot too.

It's so nice to walk into this room now and sit down, relax and enjoy.

June 1, 2009

First Impressions

This kid just cracks me up!

Check out the impression two of his fingers left on his forehead. He likes to nap on top of his hands. Maybe we should all try this technique...he obviously woke up happy.