April 8, 2009

Ting Along

I recently discovered this song by The Ting Tings and I'm totally addicted! I can't shake the lyrics from my head. And strangely, it makes me miss my MTV of yesteryear. The MTV that used to stand for Music Television and actually air music videos. Hello? Anyone?

There are two videos out there of "That's Not My Name," and I couldn't decide which one to post so I'm including both.

This one reminds me of 1980's MTV.

And this one is pretty cool too. I figure my brother Doug will appreciate the drums.

Rock on!

April 7, 2009


Seriously, why aren't we new parents given more information by those of you already raising children? Or even by those of you who have completed the job of raising your children (if they're nearing 40, shouldn't you stop now)?

Immunizations. Why didn't anyone tell me the sight of my child in his crib, unable to turn over because his poor little legs hurt from three different shots, would bring me to tears? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy??? I still might have shed some tears, but at least I would have been prepared.

Baby MAC had his 6-month check up this week which included shots. He's done so well (no tears, barely a whimper) at his previous check ups. Not the case this week. He cried with the first shot and the two that followed. Of course, we had a different nurse this time. Maybe it was her technique. After some hugs and kisses, we calmed down and made our way home.

When I put him to bed later that night his "tired" cry turned into a "painful" and "frustrated" cry. I went into his room thinking I would rub his back for a little bit and see if that would quiet him. Instead I found the saddest little boy. His face was red from frustration and wet from his tears. He's rarely sad and it broke my heart because not only was he in pain and exhausted from the day, but he couldn't turn himself onto his stomach. It's a simple movement he does every night to put himself to sleep. But, his legs hurt too much to kick them over and give himself momentum to roll onto his belly.

I gave him a hand and rolled him onto his belly and began rubbing his back. He was fast asleep within three minutes.

C'mon, give a new mom some info, won't you?!

April 3, 2009

What Cuervo Needs

My friend Alyssa (Out on a Lam) tagged me in this funny little Google search game. Basically, you type your name and the word "needs" in the Google search box and then take the first ten results (or the first ten that make any sense) and type them here for the world to read. Of course, maybe I should have known better than to do this seeing how Alyssa herself said she should have known better than to take on this challenge from another friend. And yet, I follow. Hilarity ensues.

1. Cuervo needs...to keep his job while he goes to law school (my husband barely makes time to sleep, let alone go to law school)

2. Cuervo needs...a little more work on his potty training, but he's almost there (we're no where near potty training yet)

3. Cuervo needs...to relax and let the bike do its thing (huh?!)

4. Cuervo needs...to find some new brains to steal from (this is true most days since I'm a sleep-deprived mom of a 6 month old baby)

5. Cuervo needs...a blender to make a margarita on the rocks (admit it, you thought this "need" would come up earlier in the list...me too)

6. Cuervo needs...a Cuervo margarita! (where's that darn blender?)

7. Cuervo needs...seven more titles to move into third place all-time (do we have to settle for third place?)

8. Cuervo needs...no government interference (sounds good to me)

9. Cuervo needs...around 8 to 12 years to mature (is that all?)

10. Cuervo needs...no digestion (are we still talking about margaritas?)

April 1, 2009

Solid Food and Stitches

What a title...but it truly describes what's been going on at our house.

Baby MAC is enjoying solid food these days. We recently started with rice cereal and have since introduced sweet potatoes (which he absolutely loves) and bananas (he's still not too sure about this fruit). Green beans are next on the menu.

(Disclaimer: Don't look at the next picture if you're squeamish.)

Poor A. got a really deep cut while trying to fix our ailing lawn mower from last season's tree stump attack. I just hate it when nature attacks. Five stitches, two antibiotics, one tetanus shot and one x-ray later he's on the mend. By the time this picture was taken a few of the stitches had already fallen out. Notice the swelling and colorful bruising too. And just to the right of the stitches you can see another scar from a previous injury.

And we're thankful for friends with teenage sons because there's one apparently looking to add an extra lawn to his summer vacation. Perfect timing!