March 30, 2008

Snapshot Sunday ~ Puerto Rico

Photo by A. Cuervo-I.

Coffee beans.

March 25, 2008

Bottled, Sparkling or Garden Hose?

The doorbell rang recently on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. At the door were three young kids that live in the neighborhood. We're familiar with two of them, 8-year-old Caitlyn and 6-year-old Cameron. They're siblings. These two kids are frequently in our yard, hiding from each other (or their mom) in our private courtyard, stealing pieces of our landscaping and sneaking in the backyard to terrorize, or play, with our dog. They've apparently recruited another youngster named Erica.

When I answered the door, Caitlyn asked if they could have three bottles of water for free. My first thought was not suitable to say aloud to children, so I merely reminded Caitlyn that she lives just two doors away and could easily get water at her house. We live in a neighborhood in the city after all. It's not like they were five miles from home and suffering from dehydration. Caitlyn then informed me that her family had gone through all of their bottles of water, so they couldn't go home because there was nothing to drink. Hmm...

The next line of questioning was pointless, but still I proceeded. "You have running water, right"? "You have a sink, right"? "You have cups to drink from, right"? My common-sense approach was lost on this 8-year-old.

As they walked away from the front door, I could hear them talking about asking another neighbor. But, Caitlyn quickly pointed out that particular neighbor is never home. Guess I'll have to learn that trick.

So, whatever happened to the days of running through the kitchen to grab a quick drink? And, if you were told to stop running in and out, what happened to just drinking from the outside faucet? Are kids today really so sheltered that all they know is bottled water?

March 23, 2008

Snapshot Sunday ~ Sisters

Our nieces and nephews grow taller, talk faster and giggle longer each time we see them. Today, we had a fun time when Sarah and Becca came to visit.

Photos by A. Cuervo-I.


March 20, 2008

New Kicks with Flower Power

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas...despite what you hear.

Evidence: my new kicks!

A. just returned from his annual photography convention and trade show in Las Vegas, and he brought me these very cool, very comfy slip-on shoes. It's nice to have a husband who likes to shop since I generally loathe the practice. I'm really glad these shoes didn't stay in Vegas.

Check out the soles on these babies. They have some serious no-slip traction which comes in handy when I'm scaling skyscrapers.

March 17, 2008

Last Call for Alcohol

Cuervo is our family name. Yes, really. And, no not that Cuervo family.

For anyone who has ever bellied up to the bar for a shot of tequila, we're often greeted with a large smile and a chuckle when people learn our name...followed by a sly look out the corner of the eye and slight elbow-pumping jabs in our direction as they ask about our cousin Jose. Original. If they've suffered a hangover recently, then we're told Jose Cuervo is no friend of theirs. I doubt Shelly West would be their friend either after dissing her lyrics.

Others don't even come close with pronunciations like: Servo, Shareevo and Kwayvo (all phonetically speaking, of course). We've been greeted with these pronunciations at jury duty, the airport and Sam's (because cashiers have to thank you by name). Sam's is always entertaining.

Any ideas where the Ssss sound comes from when reading the letters c-u...? I'm stumped. And, somewhat hungry now. Anyone up for a late night run to IHOP? Drinking makes me hungry.

March 16, 2008

Snapshot Sunday ~ Cuba


We love to travel. We love photography. International laundry always captivates me.

March 12, 2008

Tis' the Season

Okay, so “the Season” actually ended a couple of months ago. Who’s counting?!

Our Christmas tree recently came down, but its memory can live on here with you.

We went artsy this year. Mama J. gave us this metal tree sculpture for the yard, and we gave it new life in the living room. Again, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Photo by H.K.H. de Cuervo

March 8, 2008

Baby Bovines

At the J&V Ranch in the Lone Star State new cows abound. I'm sure a true cattle connoisseur might correct me in calling them all cows...I believe there's a baby bull in this group...but I live in the city, and these cows are cute! Congrats on all the new arrivals.