March 17, 2008

Last Call for Alcohol

Cuervo is our family name. Yes, really. And, no not that Cuervo family.

For anyone who has ever bellied up to the bar for a shot of tequila, we're often greeted with a large smile and a chuckle when people learn our name...followed by a sly look out the corner of the eye and slight elbow-pumping jabs in our direction as they ask about our cousin Jose. Original. If they've suffered a hangover recently, then we're told Jose Cuervo is no friend of theirs. I doubt Shelly West would be their friend either after dissing her lyrics.

Others don't even come close with pronunciations like: Servo, Shareevo and Kwayvo (all phonetically speaking, of course). We've been greeted with these pronunciations at jury duty, the airport and Sam's (because cashiers have to thank you by name). Sam's is always entertaining.

Any ideas where the Ssss sound comes from when reading the letters c-u...? I'm stumped. And, somewhat hungry now. Anyone up for a late night run to IHOP? Drinking makes me hungry.

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