April 12, 2008

People Watching

I like to people watch. Who doesn't? Airports, restaurants, grocery stores, churches...really any public venue provides ample opportunity to see a wide spectrum of people we share the planet with.

Today, as I waited for my car to get a tune-up, I sat in a nearby restaurant and enjoyed its free Wi-Fi. So, when I saw a 20-something young lady walk in wearing a light spring dress on her way to a table to meet a young man...why did she proceed to tug at her underwear? Hello, just because your hand wanders behind your back doesn't mean the rest of the world can't see you. Shouldn't that habit have remained in elementary school when social graces were still being honed?

Recently in church, we sat two pews behind a mother, father and teenage son. The dad was wearing jeans and a track suit jacket. The mom wore tight leggings and a top that showed her mid-section every time she stood up. She rarely bothered to pull it down. And, the teenage son looked as though he just rolled out of bed. His hair looked as though the tail feathers of a rooster were sticking out.

Okay, I hear you. Yes, this family took the time to come to church, so why should it matter what they wear? Then again, shouldn't it matter? Forget about Dad wearing jeans. Lots of people seem to find jeans acceptable for church these days. And, forget about Mom wearing ill-fitting clothes. I don't know their personal situation. But, the son is old enough to run a comb through his hair. At least put forth some effort before entering a place of worship.

A deacon at our church says to dress with respect as if you were appearing before God. A teenage girl, wearing a tie dye t-shirt and jeans, once said that Jesus knows her heart so her clothes shouldn't matter. All true, I guess. Clothing styles aside, shouldn't you respect yourself enough to run a comb through your hair. What does that take...30 seconds?

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