July 4, 2008

Back Away from the Belly

Since this is my first pregnancy, I'm learning a lot about mankind. For example, people are very interested in how I'm feeling. This is generally the top concern in many conversations. Very thoughtful. Thank you for caring.

At work, instead of the usual "How are you?" while passing someone in the hall, I'm now asked, "How are you feeling today?" Again, thank you for asking.

I'm also learning that there are brazen belly touchers in this world. This is a demographic I wish to avoid. Unfortunately, as determined as I am to steer clear of unwanted touching, I was taken by surprise just the other day. Apparently, when you become pregnant some people view you as public property. When did this happen? And, why?

I happened to be talking with someone at work, that's right I was at work! She asked me how I was feeling. Oh, how I like that benign caring question. Then, she says to me, "I think you're having a boy because you're carrying high." (Here comes the unwanted touch) "Oh yeah, I can see it (touching, touching!) right here."

I was so stunned that I just stood there and stared at her. The conversation came to a quick, and I'm sure unnatural end, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get away fast. I walked back to my office wondering why people feel the need to touch other people. No one has ever wanted to rub my belly before. I'm not a magic lantern.

If someone asks permission, then I'm more inclined to say yes. But, this sacred right is reserved for special family and friends. Strangers and acquaintances, however, are more than likely out of luck. I may just start telling them to back away from the belly. Or, maybe I'll return the belly rub.

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