February 1, 2009

Lesson Learned

Sometimes I just like to learn life's lessons the hard way. It can be fun. Take today for example:

As we're driving to church I say out loud, "I feel like I'm forgetting something." The novelty behind this little phrase is that it proves itself true for me quite often. Once inside the church, the organ music played and Baby A. began to cry. Naturally, we tried to console him when we realized the glorious pipe music wasn't the source of his discontent. It was a dirty diaper. Hey, I'm a new mom and a first-time mom so dirty diapers make news around here.

Wondering what it is that I forgot? Answer: a change of clothes. Why is this important? Because "dirty diaper" brings on a whole new meaning when the "dirty" part is pushed up and out of the top of the diaper soiling Baby A's clothing. We hurried downstairs to the nursery where we looked at one another and our soiled son (who was laying on the changing table smiling at us) and considered leaving church or keeping Baby A. in his soiled clothes. Luckily for us the church nursery had some spare clothing for new parents like us.

For Baby A's entire short life, I've carried a change of clothes for him in my diaper bag. Last week, however, I decided to remove this clothing from my diaper bag thinking he'd outgrown it. My mistake was not replacing this clothing.

We're so thankful our church nursery had spare clothing. Can you imagine if we had taken him back into church with a big poopy wet mess on his back? Yuck!

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