July 3, 2009

Check up and Stand up

Baby MAC recently had his 9-month check up. While we were waiting for our friendly pediatrician, Baby MAC was drawn to the nearby window where he decided to pull himself up to his knees. This was a fairly new move for him.

Then, he did this (see below)...for the first time ever!

We were so excited that A. called out for our pediatrician, who is also a dear friend of ours, and he got to witness the historic occasion too!

He's enjoying his room with a view.

Baby MAC continued pulling up to his knees once when we returned home, and we had to lower his crib mattress that same day. Now, he's frequently pulling himself up to a standing position. Looks like we need to lower the mattress yet again.

1 comment:

Alyssa: said...

Next thing you know he's going to be getting his driver's license! Too cute!!!!