June 1, 2008

Great Expectations

Yes, A. and I are expecting our first baby! I'm due at the end of September, and we're very excited. I've been feeling pretty well for most of my pregnancy (keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining months). I just started wearing a mix of maternity clothes with my "regular" clothes. For a girl that struggles with her weight, buying larger clothes (even if they are to celebrate a wonderful pregnancy) is a bit depressing (sigh).

So, what's up with the strange comments people make when you tell them you're pregnant?
  • "Was this planned, or...?" First, what compelled you to ask this personal question? Second, I'm 35 years old and married. Of course, it was planned. And third, if it wasn't planned, what business is it of yours?
  • "You're not going to find out what it is are you?" Um, I just told you we're having a boy. You've already stopped listening to my exciting pregnancy news?!
  • "Well, if you're happy, we're happy." No comment.
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