June 13, 2008

Remodeling Our Nest

I read and hear stories of pregnant women "nesting." You know, organizing and thoroughly cleaning everything in eager anticipation of the homecoming for the little bundle of joy that will soon be joining the family. Well, we're not quite there yet.

We're busy with a couple of long overdue home remodeling projects. New flooring and new sliding glass doors are in store for our humble home. And, once these projects are finished it's going to feel like a new home.

It was easy choosing flooring and glass doors. Have you seen all the choices in cribs, changing tables and other nursery furniture? It's mind numbing. And, the expense of the styles we like...body numbing. I like to think of our current remodeling projects as a welcome distraction to nesting. But, as soon as the projects are complete then it's back to determining the pros and cons of a convertible crib. A. hears the word convertible and instantly starts shopping for cars on-line. Ah, the innocence.

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