May 16, 2009

Hey, look what I can do!

As a first-time mom I take germs very seriously. Until recently, I would throw a pacifier into boiling water for a couple of minutes just to sanitize it for my baby's safety.

I've since gotten over my need to annihilate germs and now settle for warm, soapy water.

Below is proof why boiling water, a pacifier and a busy mom don't mix.

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Alyssa: said...

Oh my...just wait, a couple more little Cuervo's and you won't be such a germaphobe.

Wait--yes you will. I think I became more germaphobic with each additional child.

I know where you're coming from! But you will get to the point where you're too tired or busy to really care! :)

Now--let's see pics of that little bugger!