August 1, 2008

I'm over 30. Alert the media.

The random comments and questions about my pregnancy continue. Just this week, two more people touched my belly. And no, they didn't ask first. And no, they weren't close friends or family.

Also this week, a lady at work walked up and asked if I was pregnant. Please understand I work with several hundred people and since I don't see all of them everyday, some are still learning about my pregnancy. Anyway, at first I blamed the pizza in our cafeteria, but then I fessed up. We chatted briefly about my estimated due date and if I knew the sex of my unborn child. Then, she asked how many kids this would make for me. Fair question. I told her it would be our first child. There was a pause, followed by more light banter, a smile and we parted ways...but, not for long.

I turned and she was by my side again. Her next question made me pause. She asked why I waited so long to have children..followed by, "You're over 30 right?"

Okay, fair question time is over at this point and so is fair answer time. She proceeded to tell me that other women my age have teenagers. At this point, I was trying to channel the Starship Enterprise. I'm not a trekkie, but I really just wanted to beam out of there. Yes, I realize women my age have teenagers. As a matter of fact, I know some of these women personally. Several of my friends have teenagers or preteens. And, I live in a section of the country where teenage moms are quite prevalent. I, however, chose to wait. I was busy in high school and college with friends, sports, traveling, and of course studying. When I completed my academic pursuits I wanted to see more of our great country. I didn't go too far, but still I had plans.

Now, some people decided for themselves that my academic and career paths meant I didn't want to have children. Not so. I just didn't want to have children before now. Besides, I didn't marry until I was in my 30's either. Oh, the scandal. I think if I were living on either of the coasts I wouldn't be such an oddity to some. Women in Hollywood are having children well into their 40's and beyond.

So yes, I'm 35 and having my first child. And, maybe I'll have more children when I'm even older! Since Larry King hasn't called to book an interview, I think I'm safe from more scrutiny.

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