August 26, 2008

What Not to Say

The fabulously stylish show "What Not to Wear" provides a great service to many people stuck in the fashion past, or in a dumpster.

I'd like to suggest a similar show. I'll call it, "What Not to Say." People could see video footage of themselves speaking with reckless abandon. And, they could stand in front of a 360-degree mirror and look at the dismayed faces surrounding them.

As I've shared in previous posts, being pregnant has made me susceptible to people who speak before they think. People who do not have filters. People who should wear muzzles.

Here's a short list of what people continue to say to me, but should never say to any pregnant woman:

1. Man, you're getting big!
2. You're not wobblin' or nothin'.
3. Man, girl how much longer you got?
4. Why did you wait so long? You're over 30, right?
5. Was this planned?

Please go forward and educate. You can help others help themselves.

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